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    Rescue Tratos Tiberian Sun Serial Number


    They will be less annoying if you spread your buildings outBuild a Barracks and a War FactorySend them northeast until you find a Tiberium patch#- [8] [9] # #- # [6] This is the "Waypoints" #-# buttonThe Mutant Hijacker is kind of pointless, but you can have him help by stealing a Tick TankNod has a tendency to attack thoseThe truck stationed there has a health crateDon't worry, it's nothing more than Light Infantry


    Nod units will be attacking you, but they won't be able to stop you from destroying the trainSend them west and up a rampTrain more infantry in the form of Light Infantry and Disk Throwers and place them at both entrancesPlus, the extra funds and infantry will come in handyFrom there, proceed east into the civilian town and cross the bridgeIf you want, capture itWhen you're done constructing them, send them up the same way to the original location of the Waste Facilities


    Without any power, you can safely proceed throughFrom there, you can go north to the baseMost southern of three choices.) >> Objective One: Locate the Nod prisonHolding that beam on a soldier, vehicle, or building will deal constant damageOnly then will you receive reinforcements


    Two trucks will appear to deliver a multi-missileYou should also receive two Subterranean APCs with Light Infantry and Rocket Infantry insideThere will be a few enemies around hereWhat's important is keeping the Nod forces away from the UFOYour forces should still overpower themAfter a little bit, your Titans will reveal the crash siteEach pass takes an hourIn fact, there's no need to even enter the city


    They will fly in toward your base upon buying themMake sure he isn't killed or the whole point of the mission will be defeatedCatching Jake at this point would be too much troubleYou will also have a constant stock of kamikaze mutants moving in and exploring various portions of the mapWhen it's gone, you can send your Harvesters to the south Tiberium field safelyYou will soon come across a few Attack BuggiesHowever, don't take it out until the timer is almost finished 32caf5b1eb

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